Meet Mike Litigator! Your Artificially Intelligent Legal Researcher

/ / Meet Mike Litigator! Your Artificially Intelligent Legal Researcher

Legal research is a very big part of the responsibilities that people in the legal industry undertake. Be it a lawyer, student or legal researcher, doing quality research is of paramount importance to them. Quality research, not only helps to win a case but it also helps to better understand the nuances of the law.

When you look at solutions that are currently available in the market, you will come across generic research softwares which use keyword-based queries to fetch search results. The person who undertakes the research can only base his/her query on selected words without any scope of variation. As a result of this one-dimensional process, you get list of cases that just happen to contain the keywords queried for. Its the responsibility of the researcher or lawyer to sift through this meaningless data and find something that is useful to them.

The above-described routine is not only tedious but is also inefficient. When you will consider the amount of time spent on doing a meaningless task like going through hordes of random irrelevant cases, you will be astonished. There is also a very high chance of someone missing important information that is buried in rows and rows of search results.

Well, not anymore. Meet Mike Litigator, Asia’s first artificially intelligent legal research assistant.


Credit: Shivendra Mishra

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