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A big believer in the impact that AI can create in the legal profession, Dr Sudhir Ravindran answers few questions on technology, current limitations of the legal profession and what he feels law firm of the future would look like.

Dr. Sudhir Ravindran is an attorney and solicitor ( England and Wales). He is an engineer and lawyer with dual masters degree and PhD in law. He is the founder at Altacit Global and practices international and intellectual property law advising leading corporate clients and mentoring startups on legal and business strategy.

According to you, what are the shortcomings in the legal domain today?

To be updated on the plethora of case laws and legislative developments, remains a challenge.

What challenges have you faced when getting legal research done?

Trained Legal Researchers are hard to attract and attrition rates are high due to the mundane nature of work, requiring the firm to invest continuous resources on achieving quality legal research outputs.

How big of a difference can AI make in the legal sector?

Proactive use of AI can provide enormous benefits especially in the automation of repetitive and routine tasks. It can be used as an effective CRM tool, for example when email communications are automated, AI can bring to the attention of management emails from dissatisfied clients.

How has the adoption of Mike affected your law firm?

We expect Mike to provide better quality legal search at reduced timelines.

How do you feel the law firm of the future would be?

Increased use of AI which would help lawyers be more productive.

Thank you very much for your inputs and views Dr. Sudhir Ravindran, I am sure our readers would be delighted to read your views and thoughts.


Credit : Anshul Gupta 

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