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Clubhouse vs Clubhouse

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The very trending invite-only voice chat app Clubhouse was sued by sports-networking app “The Clubhouse” for trademark infringement. What is more surprising in this instance is to see that a company valued in billions did not have a registered trademark.
Something like this is more common than one thinks. While starting a company many hold off on registering a TM to save expenses or maybe it’s just low on the priority. But such oblivion can often result in such litigation, especially once the product or service becomes popular. Instances like this, just highlight the importance of registering your mark at the right time and stage.
With an unregistered TM, it is unlikely the courts would rule in their favor, especially when “The Clubhouse” has proven to compete in the same category by sharing images of sport-related chat rooms. This sure should be an interesting case to follow.


Clubhouse sued for trademark infringement through the sports networking site

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