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Let’s be honest, clause referencing in an agreement is a tedious task for any advocate. Amongst all the mundane work that lawyers today look at in an untoward manner, perhaps proofreading any contract is very important. Not only is it an arduous process but also takes up a fair portion of billable hours. This is where Mike DocuSieve comes to the rescue. Clause Referencing is the most popular feature of the tool as it is useful in contracts/agreements with intertwined references given to different clauses.

1. From a practical standpoint, lawyers’ huge volume of work with perfectly framing legal clauses while drafting is expected this exposes risk to having wrong or missing references.

2. For instance, let’s consider a contract of sale wherein the consideration payable for the goods is mentioned in Clause 5. However, at a later stage, there is another clause that refers back to the consideration but says that the same is written in Clause 6, instead of Clause 5. Such mistakes may happen due to multifarious reasons from simple typographical errors or as a result of multiple revisions. Moreover, locating such inconsistencies while proofreading hundred-page documents is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack.

3. The Clause referencing feature of Mike DocuSieve is the magnet you need. It recognizes missing or incorrectly referenced clauses and suggests changes accordingly. The eyes of the software never miss the finer details that those of humans may. Also, given a whole list of clauses that you have referenced in the agreement.

We all know how dynamic the corporate setup is. Deals are made and even called-off in a fraction of seconds and contracts need to be drafted on tight deadlines. Hence, Mike DocuSieve is a must-have for organisations, lawyers, and firms even to maintain high efficiency and quality even under the pressure of deadlines.

Watch A Short Demo on How Clause Referencing works in Mike DocuSieve:

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