Weird Clauses In Football Contracts – Neymar

/ / Weird Clauses In Football Contracts – Neymar

As the football world cup countdown begins, so does our series of interesting trivia and factoids! Neymar’s big-money move to Barcelona in 2013 is still making headlines to this day, as it is under investigation for its part in tax fraud. When Neymar made his way to Barcelona, he wanted to bring his friends with him. According to reports, he had a clause written into his contract for Barcelona to allow his friends to visit. However, whilst his transfer has been controversial, there are also some interesting clauses in his proposed contract. The first was that Neymar will earn just under £2 million should he not dispute the coach’s choice regarding his position on the pitch. Whilst he also has a clause which allows his friends from Brazil to visit every two months, with all expenses paid by Barcelona.

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