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Killer Jeans lands Netflix in a 25 cr “Soup” over alleged TM Infringement

/ / Killer Jeans lands Netflix in a 25 cr “Soup” over alleged TM Infringement

In a courtroom drama that has captured the attention of trademark enthusiasts, apparel manufacturer ‘Killer Jeans’ has taken legal action against the Netflix series ‘Killer Soups,’ alleging trademark infringement. This clash of brands has thrust the Bombay High Court into the spotlight as Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL), the owner of the Killer Jeans trademark, seeks justice and damages amounting to Rs. 25 crores from Netflix. 

 KKCL’s claim revolves around the alleged unauthorized use of their trademark ‘Killer’ in the Netflix series, a move they argue not only infringes their registered trademark but also constitutes passing off. The legal battle intensifies as KKCL asserts that Netflix’s actions are aimed at misleading and deceiving the public, capitalizing on the goodwill associated with the Killer Jeans brand. 

 The plaintiff’s plea highlights their long-standing ownership of the Killer Jeans trademark, registered meticulously between 2001 and 2004. Upon discovering the trailer of ‘Killer Soups’ on Netflix, KKCL promptly issued a legal notice to the streaming platform and the series producer, MacGuffin, demanding cessation of the unauthorized use of their trademark. 

 “The obvious intention of the Defendants is to mislead and deceive the public at large…the Defendants are deliberately copying the Plaintiff’s trademarks,” the plaint reads, encapsulating the essence of KKCL’s grievances. 

 KKCL’s legal arsenal also includes a request for a directive to remove the mark ‘Killer Soup’ from all online platforms associated with the series, alongside a plea for a permanent injunction against further use of the contested mark. 

 As the legal battle unfolds, KKCL’s assertion of its exclusive rights over the ‘Killer’ trademark underscores the importance of safeguarding intellectual property in an increasingly competitive marketplace. With demands for damages amounting to Rs. 25 crores and a strong stance against trademark infringement, KKCL’s pursuit of justice sets a precedent for brand protection in the digital age. 

 The clash between Killer Jeans and ‘Killer Soups’ serves as a reminder of the intricacies involved in navigating trademark disputes in the era of digital content consumption. As the Bombay High Court prepares to adjudicate this high-stakes battle, this is proving to be one ‘Killer’ case of TM infringement, right? 



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