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Haldiram’s TM is now a “Well-Known” According To Delhi High Court

/ / Haldiram’s TM is now a “Well-Known” According To Delhi High Court

In a recent ruling, the High Court of Delhi has officially recognized Haldiram’s mark as a “well-known” trademark, acknowledging its significant presence in both the Indian and global markets. This decision marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing battle for brand protection and intellectual property rights.

The case stemmed from concerns over the proliferation of variations of the Haldiram’s brand in the market. One particular entity, ‘Haldiram Restro Private Ltd’ based in Ambala City, Haryana, was found selling products such as ghee, salt, rice, and flour under the name ‘Haldiram Bhujiawala’. This raised legitimate concerns for Haldiram India, prompting them to seek legal recourse to safeguard their brand identity.

Seeking Protection

Haldiram India approached the high court seeking not only protection for its mark ‘Haldiram’ but also the formal declaration of its status as a ‘well-known’ trademark throughout India, in accordance with the Trade Marks Act of 1999.

The High Court’s Verdict

In a significant judgment issued on April 2, the Delhi High Court underscored the substantial influence of the Haldiram brand, deeply anchored in India’s rich culinary traditions. The court acknowledged the brand’s widespread presence, transcending geographical and cultural barriers to solidify its status as a global culinary symbol.

The court’s verdict acknowledged Haldiram’s longstanding presence in the food industry since the 1960s and affirmed its status as a ‘well-known mark’. As part of its ruling, the court declared the ‘Haldiram’ mark, along with its iconic oval-shaped logo, as ‘well-known’ in relation to food items as well as restaurants and eateries.

In addition to the declaration of its trademark status, Haldiram was awarded Rs 50 lakh in damages and Rs 2 lakh as costs by the high court, underscoring the seriousness with which intellectual property rights are upheld in legal proceedings.

Benefits of a ‘Well-Known’ Mark

Justice Prathiba Singh, presiding over the case, highlighted the dynamic nature of a ‘well-known’ mark. Such recognition, she noted, not only enhances the distinctiveness of products but also instills confidence in consumers regarding quality standards. With Haldiram’s products being exported to various countries beyond Asia, the significance of this recognition extends far beyond national borders.

The Delhi High Court’s ruling is a major step in protecting intellectual property rights in India. By confirming Haldiram’s mark as ‘well-known’, the court has not only upheld the brand’s legacy but also highlighted the vital importance of preserving trademarks in a globalized marketplace.


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