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“Lambretta”: Re-entering The Indian Market In 2023?

/ / “Lambretta”: Re-entering The Indian Market In 2023?

In the country where the durable scooter was once the greatest attributes pick for thousands of urban Indians ascending on the consumption ladder, Lambretta, the classic workhorse that maintained a reassuring presence both on Bollywood movies and inner-city roads through the 1960s, is making a return in the Indian market. The all-metal body scooter, driven by a number of Hollywood and Bollywood actors, takes its name from the Milanese suburb of Lambrate. The model is owned and licenced globally by Innocenti S.A., who also developed the scooters of antiquity. Lambretta scooters are now being put together by Automobile Products of India (API). Models were sold locally up to 1976.

In partnership with the Bird Group, Lambretta is launching a reappearance in its new incarnation with a significantly larger and sleeker form. Innocenti SA will introduce a variety of powerful scooters in 2023, including G, V, and X models with capacities ranging from 200 to 350 cc. In 2024, an electric scooter would be added.

The Bird Group, which was founded in 1971, operates businesses such as travel knowledge, airport floor handling services across city airports, India’s only private jet terminal at IGI, the Roseate brand of hotels and resorts, and BMW dealerships under Bird Automotive.

While initially focusing mostly on completely assembled unit imports and knocked-down kits for a 2023 launch, Lambretta eventually expects to perform substantial local production starting in the first quarter of 2024. During 2023, the Lambretta electrical model can be displayed at the Milan Motorcycle Show, and the model may also be made in the country.


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