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Definitions play a very key role in any contract. A well-drafted contract will have precise, clear and unambiguous definitions. Where there is ambiguity in a contract, the scope of misinterpretation is higher. Therefore, a correct definition and a correct way to use the definition across is very important.

Mike DocuSieve helps you by keeping track of all defined terms in your contract in one place. A defined term is any term in the contract that has been given a specific meaning. Given the multiplicity of their usage, these can be easily missed while proofreading the contract. One might not be aware of mistakes made regarding defined terms in the contract.

Mike DocuSieve effectively negates the hassle of scrolling and checking each term and navigates you to the respective definition in just one click. It also gives you the option to search definitions while proofreading. Mike DocuSieve also recognizes any inconsistent definition in the contract. This means that the tool is able to see where a defined term is used in small case.

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