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How Does Image Recognition Become a Game Changer for Trademark Watch and Search?

/ / How Does Image Recognition Become a Game Changer for Trademark Watch and Search?

Companies spend millions in advertising each year, with the simple goal – the brand resonates with the target customers and they stand apart from their competitors. Therefore, ensuring that their brand is protected becomes extremely essential. MikeLegal created solutions that helped automate the journal process to capture infringements. Our latest development with MikeTM Lens, is a gamechanger.

Currently, the process of identifying similar trademarks is largely manual. This more than often results in similar brands being missed which in turn can be detrimental to the organization.

Every week a journal of approx 8,000 marks is published. This needs to be analyzed by legal teams to check if any of their brands are being infringed by the published marks. The typical process would be to go through each page and check for similarities.

For more than the last 3 years, MikeLegal has been able to help legal teams automate a large part of this process. We do this by helping them identify similar trademarks across various permutations and combinations across their word marks or logos with words. However, the identification of similar logos was still done manually.

MikeLegal has been working on building an algorithm that dissects an image based on various factors to identify similar factors in other trademarks. We are now the 1st company in India that can allow legal teams to automatically identify similar logos published every week in the journal without any intervention from their end.

MikeLegalTM Lens Interface

This is a monumental breakthrough in the Indian trademark market as this technology. Our programs help legal teams better protect their brands which earlier was not possible due to the sheer volume and manual effort required to identify the same.

Authored by Anshul Gupta, Co-founder MikeLegal

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