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Proofreading contracts is not just checking for spelling, and grammar, but also for inconsistencies, punctuation issues, formatting flaws, and typos after it has been drafted. Both writing and proofreading are essential and intertwined elements of the drafting process. Lawyers devote a significant amount of time, upto 3-4 hours per day for some, on proofreading, as high-quality paperwork not only creates good impressions, but also helps gain and maintain a client’s trust. It all comes down to paying attention to detail and having a good eye, and more importantly the time to do it with diligence.

The goal is to make sure your legal work is clear of any language faults or mistakes, whether they are linked to grammar, punctuation, spelling, or any other part of the language. A misplaced apostrophe, a missing comma, or a comma in the wrong position can all change the meaning of a sentence in a legally binding contract or agreement.

So to overcome all these difficulties Mike Legal has come up with a Lawyer-grade automated contract proofreading system that can help to reduce the time spent on proofreading all the legal contracts. Mike DocuSieve is an AI-powered MS Word add-in built by the collaboration of lawyers and engineers. It proofreads contracts & agreements as you draft and reduces the time spent on proofreading by more than 70%. It is user friendly and creates precise and accurate contracts.

Some of the key features that are provided by Mike DocuSeive and would be helpful to the lawyers and makes their work easy, accurate and reliable. They are as follows:

  • Amounts and Numbers: It helps in identifying the inconsistencies and issues related to all the amounts and numbers mentioned in the document. For eg: if our words and figures don’t match then it will give suggestions so that we can correct it quickly.
  • Clause References:It helps in identifying all incorrect, missing references within seconds along with a list of all references in the documents. That means it helps to identify all the instances where the referred clause is incorrect, all the references that have been mentioned but not present and also helps in arranging all the references in chronological order which are present in the document. This eases the work of the lawyers in drafting Contracts and Agreements and also saves a lot of time and energy.
  • Dates: It ensures that all your dates are consistent and fall on working days. It also helps in the correct format of the dates in whichever form we want we can select and just apply. It will also suggest the date that is mentioned in the document is a week day or a weekend. This eases the work of the lawyers where they don’t have to sit with the calendar for drafting the Contracts and Agreements.
  • Definitions: It helps in identifying definitions and discrepancies involving unnecessary capitalisation, duplicity and non-use of definitions. It will show all the definitions that are present in the document on the dashboard of Docusieve. We can also add undefined terms in it such as India with “I” as capital and can add Names to the dictionary by going to the settings. It helps in finding duplicate definitions, unused definitions and inconsistent definitions. Definitions are provided in a format such as in brackets or in bold or in quotes so that it becomes easy for the lawyers to see that a particular definition is proper or not.
  • Placeholders: It helps to never miss out on another placeholder or highlighted text which is present in your document. That means at a particular place if there is a need to mention the name of the person and if it is not written then it will suggest that at a particular place the placeholder is missing so that we can accordingly fill the place with a suitable name. Sometimes in a hurry lawyers tend to forget writing these basic things so here the automated proofreading contracts system DocuSieve comes as a helping hand. If at a particular place we have highlighted a particular word which needs a cross check so at the end it suggests that at a particular place an highlighted text is not rectified or dealt with so that nothing can be missed.
  • Other things that are taken care of are: punctuations, grammar inconsistency, language inconsistency ( we follow UK English), language redundancy which would be very much helpful as these things are very much important. If proper care is not taken it can change the whole meaning of the sentence and eventually the Contracts or Agreements.

It is estimated that the total hours spent in manual contract proofreading by the lawyers are around 520 hours per year and loss due to manual contract proofreading is approximately $208000.


Why Mike DocuSieve?

  • It improves mandated turnaround time that means the amount of time that is taken to complete a process or a request. It can be considered like this also that it is a financial recovery of a company that has under performed for an extended time and takes a turn.
  • It can gain billable hours. There are billable and non-billable hours. Billable hours means whatever time you put for drafting contracts or agreements will be paid by your clients. Non-billable hours means like that of proofreading contracts which will not be paid by your clients. So this DocuSieve will help you to complete your proofreading contracts in minutes and will help you in increasing the profitability of the firm. The time that you put in manual proofreading contracts can be put in some other work which is more important than this.
  • It will surely improve the efficiency of the firm by not wasting the time for manual proofreading contracts.

The firm can compare the impacts of using and not using Mike DocuSieve. It will be clear that after using this automated proofreading system there will be an increase in the profitability of around 20%, greater efficiency by 40-60% and last but not the least which is very important for proofreading contracts is time saved more than 70-90%.


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