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How an AI assistant can help you save hours in your work day

/ / How an AI assistant can help you save hours in your work day

Being a corporate lawyer in this day and age, is something very different from the life of Harvey Spector or Alan Shore. But, this era fueled by the pandemic, has created a space for innovation. While we all miss our offices, teams, and the watercooler talk, things like virtual ‘rooms’, Zoom meetings, Slack and Whatsapp have taken over our work life. As this ‘takeover’ happened, we lost track of time. The lines between home and work are now blurred. We no longer have the luxury of just going to a co-worker to “take a look” at the document or “ask for suggestions” or comments, or call out someone to do “research work” or cross-check “references and definitions” in contracts.

However, we have a fix.

Legal tech innovations have now transformed creating virtual AI assistants who can assist you with mundane activities that take up nearly 40% of your workday forcing you to work extra hours. So despite being home surrounded by family, you are the tired and grumpy of drowning in mundane work which is slowly taking away every ounce of energy left in you. It’s in situations like these where work-life balance feels like a myth or an urban legend. So let AI-powered assistants perform these time-consuming mundane tasks for you, while you focus on billable mandates like client meetings, drafting, negotiating, strategizing, and structuring transactions, or just spend that additional time with your family and loved ones.

We all know about popular tools like Grammarly for proofreading, grammar correction etc. But what if we took it one step further?

Mike DocuSieve was developed by a team of lawyers and engineers to automate contract proofreading. So, instead of you and your team spending hours going through every line looking for errors and inconsistencies, our AI powered system runs a check in minutes. It is a very sleek Microsoft word add-in, which very much works like your track changes mode.

So what exactly does Mike DocuSieve do?

1. Check for errors relating to Defined terms

  • See all defined terms at a click of a button along with the number of times each definition is used
  • Organize your definitions alphabetically
  • Identify undefined terms and number of times used
  • Identify duplicate definitions so you can ensure they align and remove if necessary
  • Identify unused definitions without having to go through the document
  • Identify definitions that are used inconsistently throughout the contract

 2. Check for errors relating to clause-references

  • See all clause referred to in your contract at a click of a button and open the clauses in your side panel
  • Avoid scrolling frantically through the contract hunting for the correct clause reference
  • Identify missing clause references in the document
  • Identify and fix incorrect clause references instantly

3. Check for inconsistencies in amounts, numbers and dates

  • Ensures all your amounts, numbers and dates follow the same format
  • Automatically generates corresponding amount/number in words with a click
  • Identifies dates that fall on weekend upfront and plan your execution, signing and closing dates effectively

4. Check your contract for placeholder and highlights

  • Checks if all placeholders in the contract making sure user does not miss out on adding any information
  • Checks all instances where user have highlighted text in the document

5. Check for grammar and punctuation errors that even Word cannot detect

  • Checks for language inconsistency i.e. consistence with English (UK)/English (US)
  • Keeps language crisp and concise – avoid superfluous redundant language
  • Ensures all quotation marks follow a consistent format
  • Resolves minor errors which cumulatively improve your draft quality

With Mike DocuSieve, you can save several hours a day you spend proofreading the never-ending pile of contracts lying in your mailbox. With Mike DocuSieve running in the background, you can focus on other important tasks and efficiently utilize your time by reducing your time spent on non-billable mandates. Also, with minutest of checks in place, you get pristine error free contracts.

So no more reciting the alphabet in your head while you try to organize your definitions or living in the fear of incorrect clause references or missed punctuation marks, MikeLegal has got your back!

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