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Amounts and numbers are perhaps the most crucial part of any agreement. They define crucial components like the consideration, remuneration or share and contribution of partners etc. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep track of all the places where numbers and amounts are mentioned in a contract. Moreover, it is also difficult to spot inconsistencies in numbers and amounts as they are mentioned in very inconspicuous places in a contract. 

Mike DocuSieve has a solution for your proofreading difficulty in a two-pronged manner. Firstly, the AI-powered tool keeps track of all amounts and numbers placed in your contract and collects them in one window. This gives you easy access to all numbers – be it in digits or words – in one window pane to cross-check and verify. 

Secondly, the tool is capable of recognising minute mistakes like misplaced commas and spelling errors amongst others. It points out all such fallacies and suggests changes accordingly so that the author can do the needful effectively. In today’s landscape, something as small as a misplaced decimal point or misspelt word can alter the very nature of the contract, Mike DocuSieve is a must-have in order to proofread documents swiftly and efficiently.


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