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Hindustan Motors Limited is the ancestor to all automobile manufacturing companies of India. It was established in 1942 before India’s independence. It was a flagship company of C.K. Birla group. Originally the company had a small assembling plant at Port Okha, Gujarat. Main purpose was to reduce transportation costs because all parts were imported from foreign companies. Later it was shifted to Uttarpara, West Bengal due to cheaper raw materials and low labor cost. This later resulted in one of the most successful motor cars of India, the ambassador.

Hindustan Motors manufactured the Ambassador and Landmaster motorcars (based on 1956 Morris Oxford series III), both immensely popular Indian automobiles, from 1957–2014.

One of the original three car manufacturers in India, founded in 1942 by Mr. B.M. Birla, it was a leader in car sales until the 1980s, when the industry was opened up from protection. All through its history, the company has depended on government patronage for its sales and for survival by eliminating competition.


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